Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Save the Planet by Working Less

The words “liberal think tank” may be the biggest contradiction in terms ever recorded (second only to “military intelligence”), but a study from the Center for Economic Policy and Research, one such “think tank” should get your attention.

Basically, a new study released by the center says that we can save the planet if we work less.

Call you boss tomorrow and use that as an excuse for not going into the office.

The study’s author, economist David Rosnick, favors the European model of “work,” which includes fewer hours and more vacation time. Rosnick believes that the planet will be better off because factories will have fewer operating hours, which means said factories will produce less greenhouse gases. People won’t be commuting, so awful carbon monoxide won’t be released into the atmosphere. He thinks the American work schedule of 40-hours a week should be cut by ten hours by the end of 2013. Or something like that. It’s the usual liberal bunk. He’s advocating less productivity, less pay, in exchange for more vacation time. That's how they do it in Europe so it makes sense, right?

I don’t mind working; I do a lot of it. Sitting around the house all day drives me up the wall. Any more than two days off, and I start going stir-crazy. Our standard of living depends on our productivity. If I am making less money by working less hours, extra vacation time doesn't mean anything—I couldn't afford to go anywhere!

Why do liberals hate the idea of work? Perhaps the required responsibility to a job, showing up on time, actually performing assigned tasks, is just too much for their little brains. It’s easier to sit on the couch and watch Judge Judy and suck on bon-bons all day until American Idol comes on.

One can suppose that this lines up with the progressive agenda that as many people as possible should be doing as little as possible (when it comes to work, of course—they can take a bus to a protest every day of the week, no problem). This explains the growing amount of citizens in the U.S. who are on some form of public assistance. But if their lack of a job is saving the planet, we shouldn't complain. It also means that our tax money, used to pay off the freeloaders, is also being used to save the planet! That means I’m doing more for the environment than twenty self-righteous Prius drivers combined!

And to think, without Obama, we wouldn't have such a glorious opportunity to save our poor Earth.

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